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The Walkaways Are:

  • Todd Daniel—lead vocals, guitar, mandolin
  • Mark Bower—keys, mandolin, accordion, guitar, vocals
  • John Cunningham—percussion
  • Bobby Birdsong—pedal-steel guitar
  • Jackson Edwards—bass

Wistful, nostalgic and honest. The Walkaways' latest album Romance and Medicine is a personal effort, a journey and a new beginning for Washington, D.C.'s beloved alt-country band. After years of playing sold-out venues throughout the East Coast, developing a loyal fan base and winning accolades from The Washington Post, Washington City Paper, Washingtonian Magazine and OnTap Magazine, The Walkways are finally at the forefront of their local roots-rock scene.

Produced with John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter, The Rankin Family), the album's 12 songs gracefully touch upon themes of longing, loss and redemption all while making listeners come to terms with themselves. What makes Romance and Medicine beautiful is that it is your friend as much as it is your dance partner. The album took more than a year to record but it was an organic affair. After their last album and tour, the band wanted to maintain the sound for which they are loved but also record songs that challenged them as artists. The unique twang and sound that you hear on the album are humble nods to Uncle Tupelo, Wilco, Bruce Springsteen and Sun Volt.

The rocker Last Saturday kicks off the album feeding into the lush Leap Years, its guitar humming a sweet nostalgic tune. The piano and slide guitar that form the backbone of the title track sets the tone for the record while Local Honey and its mandolin paint a vivid picture inviting listeners to hop aboard and ride into their heart's desires. Down is a visceral and slow song, confronting one's fears and hopes. The album's first single No Way Out of Neverland is a toe tapping song -- at once fun and fresh yet sad and helpless. The album is sweet with dark undercurrents waiting to follow you. Let them follow you...

If Romance and Medicine sounds like it was written while traveling, that's because it mostly was -- two of the songs Local Honey and I Should Have Known were written by Mark Bower as he was driving up and down Route 15. Says Bower, "Long drives make it easy to yearn for forward-looking passion and backwards-looking nostalgia, while medicine provides the bitter dose of reality. To stay sane in this world you need both."

Upcoming Shows

  • sat

Sehkraft Brewing,
Arlington, VA
9-12pm No Cover

  • sat

Westover Market,
Arlington, VA
No cover 5-9pm in the Beer Garden

  • th

Villain and Saint,
Bethesda, MD
8pm show opening for Round About

  • sun

Georgetown Summer Concert Series,
Washington, DC
Volta Park

  • fri

Port City Brewing,
Alexandria, VA
No cover 7-9pm

  • sat

Westover Market,
Arlington, VA
No cover 5-9pm in the Beer Garden


  • 06.16.15
    The band is happy to report that Jackson Edwards of Weathervanes fame has joined us on the bass.
  • 09.28.14
    This weekend the band started work at The Brink studio with Mike Reina on our third record, tentatively called, "On This Calm Summer Night." At the same time we're losing Jordan Mansicalco on the bass--gone way too soon.
  • 09.16.13
    After almost eight years, founding member of The Walkaways Fabio Gutierrez is leaving the band to pursue a new passion -- the Louden Symphony Orchestra. He will be missed! In a related story, we're excited to have Jordan Maniscalco joining the band on the bass.
  • 01.19.13
    Thanks to everyone who came out for an amazing CD release show at IOTA for Romance and Medicine! The band had a great time playing the new songs for everyone and sharing the stage with our good friends Orchard Wall and Tom McBride.
  • 12.4.12
    The Walkaways new CD Romance and Medicine Is finally here! It can be purchased at Amazon, CDBaby, and iTunes!
  • 10.28.12
    The Walkaways new CD Romance and Medicine will be officially release December 4th, 2012! It's been quite a journey for the group but the disc is finally here. Stay tuned for the CD Release Show details!
  • 03.19.12
    The band is currently mixing the new CD! Stay tuned for release date and shows supporting the CD release!